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Pecivarne Lipt. Hrádok


ČUČORIEDKA 50g celozrnné sušienky s čučoriedkovou náplňou (38%).   ZLOŽENIE: sušené datle, špaldová múka 19%, rastlinný tuk (maslovníkový, kokosový), kokosový cukor,...

The history of Pečivárne Lipt. Hrádok Company goes back to 1939, when there  was founded company under the name TATRANKA. Wafers, biscuits, vanilla and cinnamic sugar were made here. Traditional production of Pečivárne Lipt. Hrádok s.r.o. Company has been given new dimensions since the beginning of its existence. Large investments into production of biscuits, wafers and chocolate icing enabled to supply the market with the new quality products. Prescriptions and manufacturing processes of our products go out of traditional  prescriptions. 

Nowadays, the company produces wide range of sweet biscuits and wafers in traditional prescriptions and quality in product series Nature Line, Tatry Line, Protein Line and Cannabis Line.

Important place in manufacturing program has been taken by  DIA products (DIA biscuits, DIA wafers, diabetic – celiac products, DIA wholemeal products). For a long time, the company has produced wholemeal products enriched with folacin, different kinds of seeds ( flax, sunflower, sesame seed, chia, hempen ), dry fruits ( dates, plums, blueberries, cranberries, rowanberries, black currants, ginger ). Traditional round biscuits are made wholemeal, oaten, spelt, without sugar and wheat free. 

We intensively deal with production and development of products which are intended for people who suffer of celiac disease. These products are made of wheat free materials. In selection are biscuits and wafers marked with logo CELIHOPE. They are mainly made of  buckwheat, amaranth and corn flour.


In series NATURE LINE, we produce the range of wholemeal products also suitable for diabetics and people with celiatic disease. The products contain different herbs ( milk thistle, the flower and fruit of devilwood, ginger etc. ), fruit ( cranberries, dates, plums, black currants, blackberries ), wholemeal and spelt flour.  We also use different seeds ( chia, flax, sesame seed, hempen, sunflower etc.)


With a view to growing occurrence of  lactose intolerance in adults and children, we produce several sweet, diabetic and wholemeal  products without lactose and eggs. To reach high quality of products, there is control system HACCP, and we are holders of certificate “International Food Standard” (IFS). Nowadays, we export our products into states like Yemen, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic.


In 2014, we are introducing the series on the base of hempen proteins and cannabis. At the same time, there will also be introduced products containing enhanced amount of proteins and reduced content of fat, sugar and saccharides. These products will be introduced under the name Cannabis Line and Protein Line.